We offer a critical combination of skills, expertise and people, synergistically combined to provide our Technology Management Services
About Kalpa Management
KMS is a business services company, delivering practical business value through management services in select vertical markets. KMS specializes in:
KMS’ senior management team have managed the IT functions at strategic levels in companies of national and international repute, for over 3 decades. KMS functions as a virtual extension of the client organization with a proactive & focused approach on maximizing profitability by modeling the business system for accelerating growth and controlling the costs. Conducting an initial onsite comprehensive business analysis allows KMS to custom design approaches to clients’ business challenges, providing a third party objective view and a systematic approach to remedy and fine tune clients’ operations. Our Services offer tangible benefits like staff savings, improved speed of working, and faster response to customers, reduced inventory and many intangible benefits like improved customer satisfaction, better market image, improved communications and a better management information system enabling speedier decision making across the organization.
Kalpa Management Services

KMS has in-depth expertise in handling the requirements of Enterprise Applications. Our Technology management team has rich hands on experience of working as users and also have worked in Service Provider organizations. KMS helps client organizations to draw the IT strategy, suggest and execute the most effective route to address Enterprise Applications. KMS helps carry out the due diligence exercise for assessing the suitability and adoption of the available high end Enterprise Applications like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards or msDynamics, keeping in view organizational objectives and the maturity level o the Management for realising benefits of IT. KMS, depending upon the findings of due diligence, may recommend development of a Tailored Applications or may actually develop and implement them for the client organization.

The complete spectrum of technology management services provided by KMS comprise of need analysis, scenario planning, risk identification and abetment, advice and support for technology acquisition and induction and support for creating long term technology strategies and technology road maps.

KMS offers solutions for process optimization, project estimates, planning and for continued deviation control. KMS also provides training and post-training mentoring for Project Managers KMS does not offer any packaged solutions. Services and solutions offered are created for specific customer and specific environments, The starting step of the engagement therefore is understanding and diagnosis of the problem. Based on the gap analysis, KMS architectures an appropriate, practical and implementable solution. In majority of the cases, solutions are created in consultation with all stake holders through focused workshops achieving a quick subscription of all.

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Client Testimonial
We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to Kalpa Management Services for their excellent co-operation in providing Technology Management leadership to Aurovision Team. KMS's diligence and ability from design process through to creation and implementation of our project requirements are truly unsurpassed. We thank KMS for their cost conscious attitude and outstanding performance to excel in meeting project deadline requirements. KMS's insight into the innovative technologies of today, have made our relationship a mutually beneficial experience. We recommend KMS to anyone requiring Technology Management services and guidance for succeeding in a competitive business environment.
Manoj Maheshwari
Chairman - Aurovision
Enerrgia has gained from KMS's services by putting to effective use their Integrated construction business software and consultancy services for meeting project commitments and achieve streamlined financial management to allow greater efficiency and cost control.
Sushant Jadhav
CEO - Enerrgia Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
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